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Mitch (NiuHaka)
Project Manager & Lead Designer


For questions or comments


Want to join the Doom Ascension Team?

I'm pretty friendly so don't hesitate to contact me directly for questions or comments but I own a design company and do what other people want all day long and I usually won't care if you think something I'm making is ugly. Thats where our mailbox comes in handy where someone else can read that trash and respond for me.

This is the mailbox where all of your questions and comments should be going. Since sending emails to NiuHaka might not get a response (if you are rude) and there isn't one person who is designated to go through these every day, it could take some time to get a response.

Do you fancy yourself worthy of joining the Ascension team? Are you bored and have nothing better to do? Is your life is so boring that you are still playing games from the mid 90's? Well then, email us. Maybe you are lame enough to be one of us. Don't be shy, we are very laid back. This is just a hobby after all.