What is Doom?
Doom is a PC/DOS video game that was developed by id software and was released in 1993. It's sequel, Doom II: Hell on Earth, was released a year later (1994).

What is Doomsday Engine?
Doomsday Engine is a source port which allows you to play Doom & Doom II with more modern graphics by using modern technology, with hardware accelerated 3d graphics, surround sound and much more. You can go here to download the latest stable version of Doomsday.

What is Doom Ascension?
Doom Ascension is a Doom add-on intended to be used with the Doomsday Engine source port which greatly enhances the visual aspects of the original games. This mod replaces all 2D sprites with 3D models and all textures & g.u.i. graphics with new high resolution textures. There will also be Ascension remastered levels which are intended to expand upon and enhance the vanilla levels without betraying the classic game-play style.

Our goal is to help Doom to ascend into a more modern and visually enriched realm of gaming. We see Doom's game-play as a masterful work of game design and have no desire to make changes to it's kinesthetic aspects. However, the visual aspects can seem very dated to others and we have taken it as a duty and an honor to evolve this icon into something that a newer audience can relate to.

This project is a non-profit venture that is held together by Doom hobbyists who are in it for the love of the greatest FPS in video game history. The Ascension Team is currently looking for more help in making this mod happen in a more timely manner. Bellow is a list of tasks that shows what is needed, what will be needed, what is currently being worked on and what is finished. Tasks labeled as "Opened" are needing help. Tasks Labeled as "Closed" are not currently needing help. Tasks labeled as "Finished" are, well, finished...

The Ascension Team:
Project Manager & Time Waster: NiuHaka
Person of Untainted Perspective: ToshikoChan
Reader of the Trash Mail: Sometimes ToshikoChan & Sometimes NiuHaka
3D Modeler & Designer: NiuHaka
3D Modeler: bcwood16
3D Animator #1: NiuHaka
3D Animator #2: (Closed)
UV Mapper & Texture Artist #1: NiuHaka
UV Mapper & Texture Artist #2: (Closed)

Texture & GUI Artist #1: NiuHaka
Texture & GUI Artist #2: Benoit Spacher
Texture & GUI Artist #3: Kracov
Texture & GUI Artist #4: (Opened) Must be able to at least vaguely emulate the established style of textures in the Doom Ascension Project.
Texture & GUI Artist #5: (Closed)

MD2/DMD Exporter #1: 4mer
MD2/DMD Exporter #2: bcwood
Doomsday DED Designer #1: 4mer
Doomsday DED Designer #2: NiuHaka
Doomsday DED Designer #3: bcwood16

Level Designer #1: (Closed)
Level Designer #2: (Closed)
Level Designer #3: (Closed)